SoHo Down is a Country/Rock band from the Mid-Atlantic area. Known for their powerful female and male lead vocals, sweet harmonies, scorching guitar and rock solid rhythm, with their own songs and your favorite Top 40 covers, this group keeps the crowds coming back for more!


Our Story

Soho Down is from Lorton Va. Members Jennifer Shaw, Jessie Kohls, Vanessa Renee, Eric Shaw, Mike Farris, Brad Dietz, Phil Mountjoy and Sarah Hart.

By the pen of Eric & Jennifer and a few visits to the recording studio, their Country/Rockin' Blues sound is ready to hit the public with their New Nashville recorded EP, " Sometimes Good Girls..." Available

SoHo Down's first self titled EP takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride through the highs and lows of love and life. From the albums kicks off song, "You", a feel good sing-along that leaves you grinning from the memory of a summer fling to a slap in the face power ballad, "Love Don't Care", this is hardly a cryin' over you country album!
* Top Ten Winner of the Richard Leigh Songwriting Festival.
* NSAI "Songwriters To Watch" List
* Featured Songs on Songwriters Magazine Online
* Editoral Pick on Reverb Nation Online
* Featured Artist on What's Up? Magazine

NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) - Writers recognized during the month of April 2014: 
"You" - "This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics"

"One to watch...Keep an eye on these folks, they just keep getting better!"